Highworth Rec Pool

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Our recent clients include:

  • The Roman Baths Museum
  • Swindon Designer Outlet
  • The Pear Tree Hotel
  • Bath Guildhall
  • The Highwayman Hotel
  • Highworth Recreation Centre
  • The Bath Assembly Rooms
  • Victoria Art Gallery
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360°x180° Panomorphic Web Tours

This page shows recent work by Panomorphic for various interactive web photography applications. Click on the links below to open each panomorphic image in a new popup window.

Panomorphic High Definition Web 360°x180° Tour

Some applications require high resolution to allow the customer to view fine detail or objects of interest. This image is over 100 megapixels. Only the "zoomed" part of the image is sent by the web server.

Panomorphic 3D Object Rotation

Three dimensional objects may be represented on a web page allowing the user to visualise in 3D. Click on the image and drag left/right to rotate. Click and drag up/down to operate the switch.

Whipsnade Tree Cathedral

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Coming soon ...
  • Issue 4 - The Highwayman
  • Issue 6 - Victoria Art Gallery
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